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Sam M., Ecommerce Business Owner says 

Duyen is the real deal.  I was recommended to her by a friend.  From the very beginning, I noticed her professionalism as her emails, communication style, and questions about the project were prompt and courteous.  We agreed on the scope of the project and she priced the whole thing out for me and took care of arranging the set and models.  She made the process very hands-off for me which was exactly what I was looking for.

She kept in contact throughout the shoot, and over-delivered when her work was finished.  She sent more shots than we agreed to which gave me a lot more options for choosing the final images.  Duyen even stayed up really late to get the shots to me early.  I’m very impressed.  I don’t think you can go wrong working with Duyen and I look forward to collaborating again soon.

Frank Salvatore, Founder of FlexLeads says

Working with Duyen was fantastic. Duyen provided great insights and was extremely responsive. She was extremely knowledgeable and understood what I was trying to achieve. Good listener and strived to understand.

She routinely pointed out some things that I was aware of – and many that I wasn’t. For example, I’ve been aware of page speed as being important, and she really drove this point home as it can have an effect on landing page relevance, QS, and click cost. As a result, this finally spurred me into action and I did an overhaul of my 50+ lead generation sites. This resulted in a reduction of load time from around 3 seconds to just under a second for most of my leadgen sites. As a result I’m seeing an above average landing page score for many of my keywords and higher conversions on mobile. There are so many things that I need to get around to, but Duyen can certainly help prioritize that task list.

Duyen is the best and most involved strategist I’ve worked with so far.

Mary Wang, VP of Client Success & Training at Noah Digital Inc. Says 

Duyen is very professional and knowledgeable. She helped us further fine-tune and optimize the performance of the AdWords account we work on. She is good at following up.

Andy Kennedy, SEM & SEO Expert at ClickMonster says 

Duyen is excellent, A+. Every time I get off the phone with Duyen, I have an exciting new strategy or tactic to try on my campaigns. I have learned a lot of valuable information from her advice.

The advice I have received from Duyen over time has made an enormous impact on the success of my clients’ campaigns. She was able to help me better understand once foreign topics like Audience Remarketing using Target and Bid vs Bid Only, Target CPA bidding, which was once intimidating and uncertain but is now a driving force behind optimizing accounts, and general best practices such as keyword strategy or structure/hierarchy.

Various Paid Media Managers answer: What was it like working with Duyen?

She has been the best strategist we have ever worked with.

Duyen is always providing us with great insights and solutions. Duyen helped us find demonstrable examples and ways of presenting prospective-changes to accounts when the clients were not on board, even though the changes were beneficial. Having the extra info helped us get the Clients to understand and they jumped on board. Helping us help them and improving the accounts.

Our time working together was fairly brief, but Duyen was responsive, helpful and seemed like a good person who wanted my clients to succeed. The biggest impact was helping with all of the holes in my accounts, like getting prepared for ad format changes, taking advantage of new/missing extensions, etc.

Duyen was always super helpful and proactive in helping me optimize our campaigns! Duyen not only helped with finding relevant solutions but made sure we understood the importance/effect it would have. Duyen really helped us to optimize our Google AdWords accounts and always was quick with advice and responding with tips. The campaign she built for us for has been performing great and she’s been awesome in checking back in to help us manage it going forward. She also helped review another campaign we launched and helped us to optimize it!

Would you ever recommend Duyen to others? Why? 

Absolutely, because of her knowledge, great advice and attentiveness.

Duyen was awesome! Though she was the first account strategist I have worked with personally, she has set a high standard.

Thank Yous from Agencies:

  • “Hi Duyen,Thank you for the great call! I’m learning handfuls of new optimization strategies and best practices, and I really appreciate all the help and patience! ”
  • “Duyen, It has been a pleasure working with you the last five months. I have learned so much from your expertise and our clients have benefited from the advice you have given. Thanks for everything.”
  • “Hi Duyen, Thank you very much for working with us on this account and sharing valuable resources. I am sorry that you are leaving and will miss you.”
  • “Thanks for the update Duyen! You were definitely one of the better reps I’ve talked with at Google. Good luck in your new endeavors!”

Impact after Implementing Tailored Account Level Insights:

  • “I made those changes you recommended and it is running much better – we are getting the same amount of leads for less money which is great.” – Google Partner CEO & Founder

Client Feedback

  • What was your experience like working with Duyen? “Great! She was very quick in setting up accounts when we needed them and they were always spot on.” – Digital Media Supervisor
  • Was Duyen able to provide relevant solutions and insights based on your Agency needs? “Yes, she took the time to look at each account individually so she could give specific insights to the accounts. She was able to save us a lot of time by helping set up a few bigger accounts.” – Digital Media Supervisor
  • How would you rate the quality of service and support you received from Duyen? How does that level of service compare to others you’ve worked with in the past? 10 out of 10. Much better than our last rep.” – Digital Media Manager 
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