Hello, my name is Duyen.

My mission in life  is to touch hearts waiting to be felt.  To let others know they’re not alone. <3

I want to touch the hearts of others and help send a message to those that feel alone. I’m most passionate about helping those around me express and communicate their deepest sentiments because I know how much it hurts to leave them unspoken.


Lantana flowers on a vivid blue dress

I currently offer photography services, marketing/creative services and original art for sale too.

FAQ: How do you say Duyen?

My father and mother named me: “Duyên,” defined in Vietnamese as:

  1. predestined affinity
  2. charm, grace

(See it used in context).

You may hear my name said differently depending on whether someone is from the northern or southern parts of Vietnam.

I’m sure you’ve heard my name spoken in many different ways; Due when, Yen, D, Duyên, Zuyen, Du-yen, Duyan, the list goes on.  Even the classic, “heyyyyyyyyyyyyy”

Going back to elementary school, I remember my mom asking me if I wanted to change my name to Duyenny. It didn’t happen people. I think I was appalled. She even wrote out my “new name” on this printed piece of art on glass that she hung in my room.

You might’ve already encounter another Duyen in your life who goes by something completely different. There is no correct way in my book.

Doyin Fawn Tron

I personally pronounce my name in English as Doyin Fawn Tron.

The point is: I’ve seen and heard it all. New ways to say and spell my name. It’s constantly evolving.  Just like my identity.