Hello, my name is Duyen. Welcome to my personal website where I’ll share parts of my world with you.

I want to touch the hearts of others and help send a message to those that feel alone.

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My mission in life  is to touch hearts waiting to be felt.  To let others know they’re not alone. <3

I want to touch the hearts of others and help send a message to those that feel alone.

I’m most passionate about helping those around me express and communicate their deepest sentiments because I know how much it hurts to leave them unspoken.

I believe in creative expressions and heart connections, especially those centered around storytelling, art, music, dance, photography, holistic health, personal growth and spirituality.

I believe that every individual can make a difference. That through relationships and interactions, we can help inspire, heal and love one another.

Professional Expertise

I am highly trained in the areas of User Experience Optimization, Storytelling, Marketing and Advertising. With 7+ years of multimedia production experience under my belt, I can access art, graphic design, photography, videography, film, audio and journalism knowledge when developing marketing strategies to reach users through search, content, social, email and paid advertising.

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More original art pieces are in the works! Once completed you’ll be able to see more graphite, charcoal, oil, acrylic and mixed media pieces.

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Professional Photography and Photo Editing Services for business, products, portraits, special events and more. Book your session now by emailing duyenptranphotos@gmail.com or by using the contact form.

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Need some visuals to help meet your goal? Email your request to duyenptran@gmail.com or send your idea using the contact form.

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Video and Slideshow Services

This video was edited and co-produced for Tempe 11 by Duyen.

To get a video or slideshow produced by Duyen, email duyenptran@gmail.com or submit the contact form.

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Introducing the very first Blog post.

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How to Decide Who and What to Believe in, When You’re Struggling to Live the Life You’ve Always Wanted. A Soul Reflection You Can Use for Inner Clarity.

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