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Strategy + Intuition + Creativity

Duyen is a strategic, creative, and intuitive user experience analyst. She uses her creativity and expertise to deliver better customer experiences so that brands and companies can strategically connect with their target audiences online and offline.

Duyen’s Personality DISC Type:

SC (The Stabilizer). Duyen tends to be perceptive, consistent, and calm. Duyen tends to be logical and analytical about decisions, but warm in interactions with others.

Duyen’s Personal Qualities and Strengths:

  1. Disciplined – Duyen brings in a high level of organization and order to projects.
  2. Well-Organized – Structure and strategic planning come naturally to her.
  3. Efficiency – She loves creating systems that eliminate inefficiencies within a process or business structure. She is very solutions-oriented and can spot potential barriers to long-term success immediately.
  4. Quality Execution – Duyen strives to deliver excellence into everything she commits to. She is meticulous with her work.
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