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Photography Philosophy

Photographer Duyen P. Tran
Photographer Duyen P. Tran – from Self Portrait Series.

Photography holds a special place in my heart. Looking through photo albums was one of my favorite ways to spend time growing up and still to this day. It’s an act of discovery that I can never grow tired of. Through this process I could examine the facial features of friends, family members and strangers. If there were enough albums, I could literally see people grow up and change with every page turn. Being able to relive certain moments and feeling as I was truly there myself is such a magical experience that can’t be explained.

One reason I feel deeply connected to photography is that it allows me to observe the world before me without uttering a single word.

I believe that every captured moment tells a story. Stories that can teach you something new or help you understand something better.

I’ve studied all angles of photography, traditional, digital, film production and photojournalism. My journey started from capturing moments for memories to learning how to technically produce better images. What really opened my eyes was learning that there was more to photography than just taking beautiful photos. Learning the art of storytelling really impacted the way I observed and captured the world.

My goal as a photographer is to visually tell your story. To capture the natural beauty that already exist within you. I’m here to notice the details that go unnoticed, like the certain way that you move, the look in your eyes, to the smile you never even realized that occurred.

Professional Quality Photography Services include:

  • Family Photos
  • Weddings & Engagements
  • Music Concerts
  • Special Events
  • Headshots
  • Glamour
  • Fashion
  • Senior/Grad Portraits
  • Product Photography

I enjoy working on all types of projects, from professional head shots, to special gatherings with close ones, private events, conferences and product photography for e-commerce websites.

My favorite subjects are Families and First Timers.

– I enjoy the chaotic nature of synchronizing multiple bodies held by an invisible string of pure love that bonds them together.

First Timers – I love photographing those that have never had professional photos taken of them before.  There’s something about being in front of the camera that requires an amount of vulnerability that is hard to face. I recommend anyone struggling with low self esteem to face their fears of being judged or feeling ugly…. to get in front of a camera, just as a first step. You may not like being photographed, but if you let some time pass, you may look back one day and think, wow, I was brave. Maybe I am beautiful. <3 I also enjoy the creative side of helping style clients too, even doing their hair and makeup for those that want to glam or experiment with something different than their normal look.

Future goals: I would like to photograph more couples. The love, trust and admiration that couples share among one another, it’s such a special connection that I would feel honored capturing.

Favorite Moments: One of my favorite memories of being a photographer was when I shot a wedding couple’s first look. A first look is a private moment between the bride and groom when they see each other for the first time before their wedding ceremony. I would describe it as a moment where time stands still, where before you stands someone you’re ready to marry, it’s right before your new chapter begins. It’s a beautiful, powerful moment.


Photography Feedback from Duyen's Photography


Duyen received an Honorable Mention for her Greg Crowder Photojournalism Award entries.  Photos  were judged by: Con Keyes, former photo editor of the Los Angeles Times, Mike Meister, photo editor of The Arizona Republic and Cronkite School Associate Dean Kristin Gilger.

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Click to View Photo Entries

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