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A Soul Reflection: What do you believe in the most?

How to Decide Who and What to Believe in, When You’re Struggling to Live the Life You’ve Always Wanted. A Soul Reflection You Can Use for Inner Clarity.

The Limits of Your Beliefs

Believing in your needs will get you so far.

Having beliefs such as: “I need more money, I need more sex appeal, I need more success, I need more skills or I need more answers” probably means you give your beliefs more and more attention, each and every day.

Beliefs need attention. They need attending to. They need your belief in them or else they won’t survive. The more you believe you need more of something, you train yourself to live for your beliefs.

You will use your life force living in the name of your beliefs.

Your belief does serve a purpose though.

It may bring meaning to your life, it may bring relief to your life.

Earning more money, buying new clothes, losing more weight, gaining more success, growing more beautiful, having more power, it’s something you can be proud of right?

Why not be proud of what you’ve earned and gained? Why not take pride in what you’ve become? Why not be proud of achieving your dreams of becoming a handsome, sexy, gorgeous, talented and intelligent being? Why. Not?! Why can’t I be proud of getting my needs met? Why can’t I celebrate my hard work? Why can’t I acknowledge my talents?

Well, you may haven’t realized it yet, but you absolutely do make it your priority to get your needs met. You do put your beliefs first.

But how many of you feel proud about owning those beliefs? How many of you will puff your chest and hold your head up high and declare that you believe you need to be more successful? How many of you can be relaxed and confidently tell me you believe you need more money? Can you?

Are you proud of walking around with the belief that you need to be more attractive?

Are your beliefs serving your soul?

So why believe them?

Why do you live for your beliefs knowing that they require a certain amount of devotion, energy, and effort to sustain them? Why do you remind yourself every day of the beliefs that cause you a great deal of suffering, stress and pain? Why do you choose to believe you need more of something even when you experience states of ongoing shame, inferiority and unworthiness?

Before you kick yourself for having those beliefs, be sure to understand why you have them in the first place.

When You Let Your Beliefs Guide You

Start by becoming one with them. Meet them. Complete them. Observe them. Study them. Understand them. Do this before you judge them, before you let yourself judge yourself for owning them.

For example:

Understand why you believe you need more money in order to:

  1. Be happy
  2. Feel good about yourself
  3. Feel proud about yourself
  4. Accomplish your goals
  5. Feel complete

Understand why you believe you need more sex appeal in order to:

  1. Be happy
  2. Feel good about yourself
  3. Feel proud about yourself
  4. Accomplish your goals
  5. Feel complete

Discover why you believe you need certain traits, financial assets and particular answers to define who you are.

And then with your new discoveries, allow your beliefs to transform how you live your life.

You’ll Fight

When you let your beliefs speak for yourself, you leave it up to the limits of your beliefs to decide what you’re capable of. Your world then becomes a place where you must perform, where you must rise above and where you must succeed. Whether it’s to get more love or fame, it will become a battle between who you are and who you want to be so badly.

Epic, right?

Only until you get tired of fighting.

Because you base who you are on what you’re not yet, you’ll do anything to win.

To make your beliefs a reality, it’s worth the fight. It’s worth being a workaholic, a people-pleaser. It’s worth starving and neglecting yourself to get what you want. It’s worth spending your entire-lifetime achieving the perfect looks and landing the perfect job. Worth it. WORTH IT. Or at least that’s what you tell yourself every night. Every morning. Over and over again. Because you can’t lose this fight. Or else.

You can’t admit defeat. It’s NOT worth it you say, to lose, when you’ve worked almost your whole life to win at something.

That’s why it’s hard for us to ask if it’s even WORTH IT to drop our beliefs. Because we’re SO close. Only if we work a little bit harder. Things will pay off.

But can you take the time today to ask yourself what it’s worth to you to start believing in something else?

What would it mean for you, if you started believing in your true self?

Who Will You Believe In?

When you start believing in your self, you start believing less in what you call your reality. You’ll depend less on what your bank statement reports. You’ll depend less on how many followers you’ve gained on social media. And you’ll depend less on what your appearance looks like in the mirror.

When you start believing in your soul, you give your intuition a chance to shine. You gain the ability to trust yourself again. When you put your trust on a certain outcome, such as becoming a successful entrepreneur, a revered guru or influential leader without ever truly getting there, you may be met with much defeat.

This defeat can result in disappointment, pain and more conflict. The same goes if you’re attached to wanting to look a certain way or to feel a certain way. And yes, the outcome is the same if you need to live in a certain place. You put your life on hold wanting to live and be a certain way before you can ever accept true happiness.

You become obsessed with a dream, an idea, a fantasy– one finale called perfection. Let’s face it: you like being in control of your destiny. Who doesn’t?

You like knowing you’re headed down the right path. To a Happily Ever After ending.

So that’s why you’re a hardcore believer. A believer in what’s right, a believer in what you can accomplish, a believer in what you should do, and a believer in what needs to happen.

But have you ever wondered why you believe you need something in order to be someone?

That is the downside of believing in something other than your soul. The journey that will never end. The moment you arrive to a milestone, another milestone must arise to satisfy your need to live and be a certain way.

After all, your belief needs to survive somehow. And they rely on you to keep feeding them. Your beliefs will lead you across many bodies of water and crazy mountain tops to explore and conquer. That way, you’ll have many epic stories to tell. Except, beware– in the end, it probably won’t lead you to the safe haven you’ve been searching for.

The Turning Point

Believing in your soul frees you up to be more than you’ve ever dreamed of. Believing in your soul is understanding that you are more than physical attributes and abilities; it’s an outright understanding of the power that you possess inside.

This power is not mighty, this power is just the truth.

And this truth can set you free.

This truth can teach you all you’ve ever wanted to know. “How to live” “How to be”

This truth connects you with a knowing that cannot be explained, but it is a knowing that can be felt so strong that there is no denying that you are indeed alive.

And when you feel alive, your soul truly soars.

When you believe in your soul, you realize who you really are.

A blessing to this world.

Is it really that hard to believe?

Being an amazing spirit, means you don’t need a million bucks to make a difference. Being an amazing soul doesn’t mean you need to get elected to office in order to restore balance.

Believing in your soul, is accepting your inner power that you’ve had all along. It’s what you’ve shoved away in the back of your mind because you didn’t believe and still don’t believe that who you are makes a difference.

You chose to believe that how you look, talk and walk determines the amount of love, joy, success and happiness you can experience. Or on the opposite note, you chose to believe that how you look, talk and walk determines how much pain, sorrow and tragedy you deserve to experience. Whatever the case, those were the excuses you created to explain why you can’t make a difference, to explain why you can’t give the world what you so desperately crave.

And so that is why once you’re fed up with living in a life full of limitations, you will begin to face the the truth.

Facing the Truth

The truth is scary because it is not easily defined, analyzed and philosophized, but you will begin to harness it as you start feeling like a million bucks.

And the wonderful part about feeling like a million bucks is that you won’t actually need the million bucks to celebrate!

You won’t need to prove it to anyone.

But you will make the biggest impact in the world by saying goodbye to the long and hard struggle. And finally after all this time you will say, ” hello wonderful soul of mine.” (hello <3)

If you allow yourself to connect to what’s real, the fake stuff will fade away. The junk, the lies, the stress, the illness, the codependency, the addictions, the drama.

Your real life will begin to reveal itself to you, one breath at a time.

You won’t need any more answers. You won’t need any more cures.

You will accept who you really are and need less and less, therefore freeing you up to give the gift of life.

You’ll know you’re on the right path when your success, talents, wealth and knowledge are byproducts of your connection with your soul. Not due to your connection with your old beliefs.

Can you give me an example?
Yes. If I were to believe that my worth is defined by how others view me, I would battle many opinions. I would come across many ideas of what others believe I am. That means beliefs belonging to organizations, employees, friends, family, loved ones and strangers. And without a doubt, all of those beliefs will 100% conflict with one another.

But if I can believe in my soul, I won’t need to pay attention to those beliefs about me. I can focus instead on reality. I would understand that it’s my responsibility to claim my own identity. To identify with my inner core, to my spirit and to the truth. That what you and I see is just an image. And what truly matters cannot be seen.

So what if I still don’t get it?
It may not come now, especially if you’re trying to force yourself to be a certain way. But have you ever had a really good day for no apparent reason? Or do you remember a time when you tried really badly to have a good time to end up having the worst time ever? When your efforts are futile it may be that you’re trying to be something or someone you’re not truly meant to be. And if that’s the case, the hardest thing you may need to do next is to: give it up.

I know it goes against all the inspirational quotes you have written down. It’s probably not what your mentors tell you either. And something ninjas like Naruto would never tell you to do. But trust me, there is a time you will be called to give it up.

Then once you decide giving up is worth a try, you’ll allow yourself to start finally connecting with yourself again. Finding out what truly matters to you and what would make you the happiest. And realize that every moment you have is the perfect opportunity to be yourself.

This. Would be the greatest gift you could give to the world.

At your very worst, in the most drastic situations, no makeup, no money, no home, no car, no job, no wife, no husband, no partner, no family, no future, at your darkest hour, no country to count on, failure after failure after failure, you still have the opportunity to believe in your soul.

This is the truth that can open up a lot of avenues for your health and happiness.

The ability to help another in need. The ability to inspire and lead. The ability to give your self freely.


Once you’re ready to look within, the next phase is to believe in the “impossible.”

This is where you’ll find what you’re truly made of.

Remember, it’s not a race. You don’t need to run. You don’t even need to walk. There is no winner. And there is no loser.

But if you want to challenge your self limiting beliefs, you can ask yourself these two questions: what do you believe? and who do you want to believe in? Find out what you believe in the most.

Ask yourself until you’re truly scared. Ask yourself until you’re truly satisfied.

<3 Duyen

Originally Published @ 3:33 PM PST Saturday August 6th, 2016
Recently Edited @ 20:36 PM PST Wednesday, September 26th, 2018


Author’s Note: Soul Reflections is also a YouTube Series now. You can watch the first episode here:
Soul Reflections: Waiting is a Trap

Let me know what format you like best, blogs, vlogs? Both? I’m open to feedback.

1 thought on “A Soul Reflection: What do you believe in the most?

  1. Truly! I believe all of this, and I believe in you and the work you’re doing. Can’t encourage you enough. I’m already seeing just the beginnings of what believing in your soul is doing, and I’m positive there’s so much more to come!
    I like both formats, but if I had to make a choice, I’d probably lean towards video. But it’s your soul! So whatever speaks to you the most continue to go for it!

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