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Fast-paced Startup Company

Project scope: With a lot of heart and expectations the owner hired me as one of her first digital marketers to help her kick off her startup. I collaborated with two other digital marketers and one social media coordinator to help plan and execute all digital marketing initiatives.

Results: As a BRAND NEW company, one of the goals was to define her target audience and company brand. One of the very first missions was to create buyer personas so that we can use to create tailored user experiences around the brand. This made it easier for the marketing team to understand who we were talking to when developing content and messaging. The second part was to finalize aspects of branding such as color palettes, fonts, and brand voice. With a clear brand guide and buyer personas developed, I then went on to launch our very first advertising campaign that brought in over 81 leads at an average of $2.89 per lead. The campaign only ran for under 10 days.

My Responsibilities:

  • Develop Marketing Strategies for LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram
  • Wrote compelling copy to promote offers, products, and services to drive sales
  • Strategize and research target keywords for SEO and SEM
  • Execute advertising campaigns for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads
  • Designed custom professional graphics for marketing and advertising purposes
  • Brainstorm new and creative organic growth strategies
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Use analytical skills to evaluate user experience across multiple channels and customer touchpoints

Company background: We Empower Enterprises is a global community designed to give women entrepreneurs the resources they need to build fiercely successful businesses. They provide leadership, coaching, networking, training, and advocacy services.


Digital Marketing, User Experience, Branding, Content Strategy, Social Media, and Paid Advertising:

Company Branding Story Pitch to Generate Awareness

Promotional Content Planned for Organic Reach

Lead Gen Campaign – Ad Variations – Lead Magnet

Lead Gen Campaign – Ad Variations – Branded Product

Social Media Ad Previews

Demographics Overview

Promotional Event Graphics

Brand Awareness Campaign

Social Media Ads

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