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Using Email Campaign to Generate Sales for a Small Business Owner

Project scope: At first, I was able to provide the owner and founder with a proposal to pitch a prospective client and helped resolve some website usability issues: fixing their mobile menu and updating their expired countdown timer on their homepage. The client then expressed their need for an email campaign to go out urgently since it had been many months since their last email blast. So in a short manner of time, I developed 4 emails including A/B testing subject lines and a landing page for their new email campaign that would run for a total duration of 3 days. That campaign brought in 51% increase in total online revenue over the last two campaigns created by another agency.

Campaign Results: Compared to the last two campaigns created by another agency, the campaign I developed had a better open rate by 3.3%, a better average click rate by 2.03% and doubled the online sales revenue of the last two major campaigns combined, despite it running for one day less and despite it running during an off-peak season and time.

Company background: Got Memories provides professional film and video transfer services to customers all across the United States.


Email Marketing, Website Management, Landing Page Creation and Graphic Design



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