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Product Photography Portfolio

Conversation Cards for Couples

Soft Glow-in-the-Dark Blanket

Portable Mini Bluetooth Speakers

Reusable Sticky Notes

Behind-the-scenes with my cat.

Yummy, Home Food Photos!

One of my favorite past times is taking photos of my food, especially if I see beautiful bright colors within the frame.

Fun fact: one of my favorite colors is orange. Pictured: a nostalgic Vietnamese catfish and rice dish that I used to eat a lot as a child.

Volunteer Photography Mentor

One of my favorite times is volunteering as a photography mentor with Kids in Focus. The photo above was taken by photographer Earnest Robinson, when I was working with two middle school students on a photoshoot field trip.

Photos I've taken behind the scenes as a mentor working with Kids in Focus.

About Me

I have a diverse background in digital marketing and creative multimedia. I’ve always loved photography since I was very small. My educational background is in multimedia/broadcast production where I also trained in photojournalism.

The first time I taught myself photoshop was when I was in high school, editing photos, making live journal icons and flyers for club events. 

Professionally, I have a lot of experience in digital marketing helping brands and companies of all sizes understand and improve their SEO, UI/UX, social media, paid advertising, content marketing, website analytics and so much more! 

Out of all my technical skills, I enjoy photography, art and graphic design the most. My biggest strengths are my organization skills, strategic thinking and creative abilities.  

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