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About Duyen P. Tran

Professional Overview

Duyen Tran is a high-performance technical product manager with a full-stack digital marketing background. She’s gained a wide range of knowledge and expertise over the last decade working with companies and brands of all sizes. Tran is equal parts data-driven and creative with the ability to deliver innovative marketing and product strategies. What makes Duyen a valuable product manager is her exceptional talent for organization, design, and efficiency. She has a sharpened ability to prioritize shipping critical features and manages cross-functional teams for high performance.

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Education and Professional Background

Duyen graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications, where she got hands-on experience at Arizona PBS and the City of Tempe’s Channel 11. After gaining professional media experience, she set out to help startups, small to medium-sized businesses, and marketing agencies with their digital marketing and product development.

As a previous Google Ads Account Strategist and Facebook Marketing Expert, she’s consulted on thousands of different company accounts, including major brands. It gave her the chance to develop and optimize advertising campaigns across a variety of industries. Her focus on long-term results ultimately improved ROI, brought in targeted leads, and offered a better customer experience for her clients.

One creative edge Duyen brings to the table is her artistic abilities in graphic design, UI design, mixed media, and painting, which brings a sophisticated level of artistry to her professional work.

Duyen P. Tran’s Creative Expertise

Duyen is a trained multimedia storyteller, photographer, graphic designer, and fine art painter.

As an artist, Duyen aims to express the deepest emotions by intuitively painting the visualization of a particular mood or emotion. “My art was created to open our hearts so that we can learn how to love again and fully embrace life.” – Duyen P. Tran

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